Selections – Landscaping

Landscaping Plants

This is a small selection of the many plants available.
We offer a personalised plant selection & planting plan to suit your space & lifestyle.

Magnolia Little Gem

This is a great feature tree or narrow screen.
Gorgeous dinner plate size cream flowers.
The rust colour on the underside of the leaves makes it stand out.

Randia Fitzalanii

A small lush evergreen tree, has very neat and tidy large glossy leaves with a natural conical shape and lovely white flowers.
Great for tall screening or as a feature tree.
Works well in a tropical, or formal garden setting.

Thysanolaena Maxima

Tiger Grass
Makes a great screen in narrow spaces, very hardy with a small root system.
It works really well under large trees, or in a resort style tropical garden

Philodendron Xanadu

Is one of the hardiest and most versatile plant around.
Grows anywhere perfect for mass planting in tropical gardens, also a great pot plant.

Alcantarea rubra

"Giant Bromeliad"
The wow factor in any garden.
Prefers semi shade but will grow in full sun, or full shade.
Doesn't need much soil so great in pots or under large trees.

Liriope Muscari

“Evergreen Giant” or “Stripey White”
Makes a great border or mass plant for any style of garden.
Plant, water and forget.
Always green and will grow nearly anywhere.

Cordyline Fruticosa

A great pop of colour and texture.
This feature works best in a contemporary or tropical garden.

Zoysia Tenuifolia

Also known as no mow or wobbly grass, is great as a low maintenance groundcover.
Thick dense grass covers the ground helping keep the weeding requirements down.
Works really well in a contemporary Japanese or modern garden.

Trachelospermum Jasminoides "Tricolour"

A varigated groundcover with pink, cream and green in the leaves.
A very hardy groundcover or low hedge.
Works best in a formal or flowery garden.

Plumeria Pudica

“Hammerhead frangipani”.
This shrub version of the frangipani is a gorgeous evergreen feature, flowering profusely during spring/summer.

Strelitzia Reginae

“Bird Of Paradise”.
Will grow just about anywhere but is best positioned as a second tier planting to hide the base of the plant which sometimes looks a little messy.
Gives a nice structural layer to planting in rows.

Agave Attenuata

Is a great succulent for those really dry gardens, with shallow soil.
Best planted in a pairing with ornamental grasses, which have softer foliage’s to give contrast in the garden.

Zamia Furfuraceae

“Cardboard Cycad”
Best suited to a tropical garden where it’s cardboard like leaves give a textured focal point.

Rhapis Excelsa

“Lady Finger Palm”
Makes a great pot specimen inside or out, but looks best when grown in the shade.
Also works as a narrow screening plant.

Codieaum Varigatum

A great splash of colour, particularly in a mass planting in a contemporary tropical style garden.
Very slow growing but very hardy and low maintenance.

Pennisetum Alopecuroides

“Foxtail Grass”
Works really well in a native or bush setting, especially as a mass planting or border planting.
Very hardy.
To maintain it can be completely cut back to ground and let reshoot.

Tulbaghia Violaceae

“Society Garlic”
Makes a lovely delicate border plant in formal gardens.
Foliage has a slight garlic scent.

Asplenium Nidus

“Crows Nest Fern”
Is best grown in shady positions under the canopy of large trees.
Has a lovely large lime green foliage which contrasts nicely with darker greens in the undergrowth.


Buffalo - "Sir Walter"

• Drought tolerant and tough
• Requires little mowing and fertilising
• Disease and fungus resistant
• Great in full sun and shade
• Australian Born and Bred
• Weed resistant
• Self repairing
• Salt tolerant
• Environmentally friendly
• Soft to touch
• Low allergy

Buffalo - "Palmetto"

• Best winter colour
• Tough and hardwearing
• Less mowing
• Great at outcompeting weeds
• Less Thatch, Less Scalping
• Disease & Pest Tolerant

Couch - "Winter Green"

• Thrives in local climate
• Very soft underfoot
• Durable
• Med-fine leaved grass