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The construction phase begins once the contract has been completed. You will be kept fully informed of the construction schedule, important dates for the project and you will be notified of any changes as they occur. There are many steps to this phase:
As every pool project we undertake is unique, all documentation is specific to your project. We engage the services of an experienced independent structural engineer and a private certifier to certify all drawings. We complete all paperwork and applications needed for council approvals.

Once all documentation has been processed and approved, a construction schedule is finalised and you will be notified in advance when site work will commence. We are very aware of your privacy and will endeavour to ensure that any disruption to your home life is kept to a minimum. Site safety is an important issue, and we erect temporary fencing, safety site signs and any other precautions we feel are necessary.
Plans and approvals:
Prior to excavating the pool, the first thing is to profile, position and mark out the pool location. This allows you to see how the design works with the space, house and the surroundings. Depending on the site, it may be necessary to "Pre-cut" the area to achieve correct levels and to clear any unwanted vegetation and remove any obstructions.

The mark out of the finished shape and dimensions are then finalised and set out ready for excavation. Every site has its challenges and we select the best equipment for each job depending its size, limited access and type of ground.
Pool set out and excavation:
Once the pool has been excavated, the next stage is to create the framework for the pool shell as per the approved engineering specifications. This is created using reinforced steel bars, woven to form a steel skeleton and tied together for strength.

The skeleton will become encased in concrete, maximising the strength of the pool shell. If the pool design has areas that will be "out of ground", separate formwork will be needed to hold the shape of the pool shell while it cures.

At this framework stage, all the necessary plumbing pipes and electrical conduits are installed, including skimmer boxes, water returns, drains and light fittings. Specialty items such as in-floor cleaning systems are also provisioned.
Steel, formwork & structural requirements:

BSA License Number  704124